GST (Australia) Issues with Percentage based payment plans

Again, just posting to get some traction on these issues we're encountering :)

I get that it works to have taxes calculated on top of the package pricing, which is a pain here in Oz, but I understand why it has to be that way. A nice to have would be that we can have the option of "prices include tax" when looking at pricing, not just "is there a tax applicable".

But more importantly,  when creating payment plans based on percentages - e.g. 20% deposit at time of booking a wedding or ordering a portrait print packages, the amount due is calculated as 20% of I'm actually not sure what! As prices in Australia are shown to either "include GST" or not have GST applicable, it would be great if the percentage amounts could be calculated against the total, inclusive of GST!

For example if a print package is listed as $1,000 inc GST on the pricelist - an invoice has to show that the GST is $90.91, but the amount referred to as due is $1,000 - in Australia, we don't generally talk about amounts excluding GST here (except sometimes with commercial clients). So if we require a 20% deposit on this package, the client expects it to be $200, NOT $227.28 which is what the system calculates when "calculate tax on subtotal" is chosen, or $222.50 which is what the system calculates when "calculate tax on the retail price of products and services" (which I can't even figure out the calculation used to get this…).

I may just be not quote in a mathematical state of mind as I'm about to head off and shoot a wedding, so please forgive me if there's a really obviously setting I've missed....



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