Mobile Solutions: What would be useful to you?

Hey ShootQ Community,

In the past there has been chatter on the forums about making ShootQ a mobile-optimized web application. We would like to bring this conversation back to life.  This has a variety of advantages for both us and you - mainly quick updates, a better user experience, and compatibility with mobile phones and tablets.

We recently updated the iPhone app, which of course is only good if you have an iPhone.  It's useful to our subscribers that have an iPhone, we know this doesn't include everyone. Yet iPhone users still want the app to do more, and Android users don't have one at all. So if you could have the perfect mobile solution, what would it include?

Realistically, ShootQ is a huge app and we can't cram it all into a mobile device (phone or tablet). So here's the question: if we create a mobile web app for your mobile device, what would you want to use it for? What do you wish you could do in ShootQ while on your phone or tablet? Sign contracts? Call customers? Send email templates?

Here's a hint: you can't answer "everything the web app does." 

If you have specific thoughts on what you would like to see on a phone vs a tablet let us know.  Phones and tablets serve different purposes, which won't be used in the same manner.  Don't give us features. Tell us what you're trying to do. What problems do you face when you're trying to run your business from your phone?


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