Another Workaround! Pre-booking workflows

The normal Shoot/ Product workflow system only works when a client is booked, but I want to have a workflow ready to use that is more detailed than just the lead status workflow that sends emails or questionnaires only when changed before booking.

What I have done is exactly this:

Created a contract, called this contract "Wedding Consultation" (name your what ever you want.) Have it detail nothing more than your meeting is a consultation (I do not send this to the client, this is just for ease of use).

Create your workflow for pre-booking tasks (make it a product workflow). I have mine set up for my pre-booking sales presentation and tasks to get ready for the meeting, what to gather, etc.

Now, create a product, I called mine "Wedding Consultation", keep it simple. Gave it a price of $0, Add your "Pre- booking" workflow to his product in advanced settings at the bottom.

For the leads that make it past the pre-qual stage and get ready for a meeting for a face to face, you can now manually book your client the "Consultation Package", only signing i yourself, no need for client signature on this. It will set your workflow in motion in your tasks lists, and then once you have your meeting and its time to book them, simply delete the consult contract and create your normal package as you would.

You have now extended ShootQ to allow you a full "pre-booking" workflow task system.

Awesome right?


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