Pretty Serious Booking Proposal Problem

Recently I created a booking proposal and instead of sending the link to my client through ShootQ e-mail I copied the URL to the booking proposal and included it in an e-mail reply to my client using my computer's e-mail client. My client click the link and went through the entire booking proposal and signed the contract online without any warnings or issues, but nothing is showing up in ShootQ. In fact, in the Shoot's Correspondence -> Proposals section it said "Not Yet Sent". Apparently because I never sent the e-mail through ShootQ the status wasn't changed to "Sent", and then the client's info wasn't saved to their shoot when they hit submit. I can only assume that it works this way so the Photographer can preview the proposal and go through the entire thing with dummy information without submitting any of it, and after the e-mail is sent through ShootQ the proposal is actually made active. If that's the case I supposed it's understandable, but to avoid this type of situation there should be at least some kind of warning saying that the proposal won't be active until after the e-mail is sent.

This was pretty frustrating to figure out on my own, and I had to ask the client to go through the entire booking proposal again. The only reason that I realized there was a problem as quickly as I did was because my client sent me an e-mail asking if I got the signed contract okay. At such an early stage in the client relationship it doesn't engender much trust of their photographer and the reliability of my system for managing information.

I'll definitely be using the ShootQ e-mail to send the booking proposal link in the future, but I wanted to bring this to everyone's attention.


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