Questionnaire not working

We recently started receiving complaints from our clients not being able to fill/send questionnaires properly. They fill the form, hit the submit button and nothing happens, we never receive the email, neither to shootq nor to our company address. And clients are left waiting for answers without knowing if their questionnaire has been received or not.

We have been forced to create forms on our company website as an alternative for all customers experiencing problems. Not to mention that we have to manually follow up with each client we send a questionnaire to just to check if they ever filled them. Frustrating and big loss of time and resources.

According to ShootQ it's a browser related issue, it simply doesn't work with some browsers/OS, as with IE8 for example. 

We are loosing clients as our promised response time is within 24 hours but if we are not fast in following up with customers or if we don't realize some of them are having problems we don't  fulfill with expectations.

Is anybody else experiencing the same problems? Any workaround found?

For the sake of truth, I have to say that other than for this problem we are very happy with ShootQ and we have been very productive using it in the last years.


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