Add a "View Invoice" Button in the Client Portal

Seems confusing to me and some of my clients when they go into the "Billing & Legal" section of their Client Portal there is no button that just says "View Invoice." You can click on "Show Contents" which shows you the contents of their wedding package but thats it. To view the invoice you have to click on "View" next to a payment and which will take you to an invoice and then scroll to see the payment. 

I realized this was a little weird when I had a Bride make an off schedule payment, her third payment in 7 months. The first two were applied to the first two payment dates, so they show up on the payment schedule, but the third one does not show up since it was only a partial payment and the third payment on the schedule is the final balance 2 weeks before the wedding. It showed up on the invoice but not the payment schedule.

I know this is a nit-pick but I really don't want my couples to have to click around to find what they want. To view an invoice I feel like they should click on View Invoice and then their payments should be listed at the bottom.

Am I just the only wacky one, or does any one else think this would just be smoother and more efficient?


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