How do I change sales tax rates? (we're moving our studio)


Our studio is moving from one county in ohio to another county in ohio. Our sales tax in ohio is county to county. What that means is starting in March we need to collect sales tax for 7.75% as opposed to the 6.25% we have been collecting.

I recognize that for wedding bookings and sales I do after march I won't' have an issue, as every time we make a "booking" I can adjust the sales tax in the shoot before we book. No sweat - no problem there.

Here-in lies my question. I have (obviously) bookings I sold last year and even this month that were booked with a payment plan that will spread through our current sales tax (in county "A") and to our new home in county "B". What that means is my original invoice and bill to them (and some of their previous payments) was projected with county "A"s sales tax of 6.25%, but future payments that happen after we move are now going to be subject to county "B"s tax rate of 7.75%.

My question is - how do I go into their booking / invoice and manually change the sales tax for the rest of the invoice that hasn't been paid?


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