Alternative to Authorize.net. Help we are desperate!

I see that shootq accepts Beanstream, PayJunction, SkipJack, and Google Checkout as well.  Anyone have any preferences?  I am fed up with Authorize.net's horrible customer service.  For two months now I have been dealing with the same person who never returns my calls or emails in regards to my PCI DSS compliance.  When I try to speak with someone else they tell me I have to speak to that specific agent.  One day she sent me an email and told me she couldn't speak to me over the phone because she was "working from home".  Recently I haven't heard from her in two weeks only to find out she has been on vacation two weeks and she never submitted my paper work, and they aren't sure where it is.  If I hadn't got a hold of her manager yesterday they would have fined me for not being PCI DSS compliant!  Now we are waiting till she gets back from vacation next week to find out what is going on. 

Please help us find a competent payment gateway!


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