My Q thoughts and Questions...

First, Love ShootQ!. I would be out of business without you!

Questions/Wish List

Does projected income include pending proposals  and the pending payments/proposals from other brands? Or are the brands financials separate from one another?

Can I merge Shoots? When I set up years ago it was part oversight and part functionality. So I have the same clients entered as 2 or 3 different shoots. Would love to merge those to get a better idea of what they have invested over the years.

I would love for a note that's entered in relationships to also present in the shoot and the reverse.

I would also love for when I create a new product on the fly within an invoice to have it automatically place it in the category I have opened. I then have to back track even though the Album category is open when I create the new product I have to find it later and then place it in the correct category. I usually don't and I have multiples or recreate. Thoughts or help on this?

Maybe in the future when creating a proposal we can have radio buttons of options next to the options such as Contract, Workflow, etc instead of having to jump in and out of into of those windows to choose what applies.

That's it for today!

You guys rock.




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