cnnot delete Auto email from Lead Workflow????

On the Lead tacking Tab of the Workflow page I have noticed a problem with the size of the dialog box..

The dialog box with settings control for email/ questionnaires, is to small. When you add an email to the automated workflow process, the dialog box not being set to 100% in size is preventing the (X) to remove said emails, from being seen and clicked.
Meaning, if you want to remove an email from your Automated Lead tracking Workflow, you have to be savvy enough to play with several different screen sizes until you are able to get to the (X), then resize the screen back to normal.
I have noticed this both on my 17" laptop and y 27" monitors, both in Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Again, if you also have this issue, until it is fixed, you must resize/ scale your screen to get to the (X). Do this by using  Control+ on Windows, or (I believe it is) Command+ on Mac, until you see it, then use Control-  or Command - to scale your screen back down to normal.

Lead tracking.jpg


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