Email response from clients: NOT GOING TO MY GMAIL ACCOUNT ~JUST LOST A LONG TIME CLIENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I just had long time client furious, pissed, and hating me as I did not receive her emails, as she had responded to past emails and they only went to Shoot Q.  She is so pissed at me, that I have lost a long time client and now I am at risk of backlash from this whole incident.  And I am sure my sales will not be so great on Friday when I finally meet with her.

Has this happened to anyone else before???  My account settings look to be correct, and I typically get the emails in my gmail account when a client responds, but I am freaking out now...and just found another client in the system who emailed me at the end of August ready to set up a viewing...and of course I never got in my email...so I hope I have not lost yet a second sale due to this system screwing up on me.


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