"Request a Quote" button on pricing page

This issue is stopping people dead in their tracks.  I have packages and add ons.  Customers can see the pricing and Shootq totals them for you.  So, what is the purpose of the "Request a Quote" button?

If I have a total, why would I request a quote?  Am I expecting a price better than what is shown?  It is a mislabeled submit button.   

The pricing page is important and it has the largest percentage of drop offs because people don't know why they should Request a Quote when they already have one.

If I hear from the potential customer again it is usually an email or phone call to schedule a meeting.  (My Schedule Meeting email is next in the series, but I don't send it until the customer sends me package info.)

I would love to rename this button with a call to action.  

ShootQ support recommended that I use the descriptive area at the top of the page to explain the purpose of the button and get submittals.  Most people skip straight to the pricing.  Additionally, it is silly to have to explain why they should hit a button that seems redundant to them.

Is anyone else having this issue.  Is there a work around?







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