workflow for capturing client info

I'd love to hear from anyone who would care to share their portrait workflow for capturing client details.  Ideally, I'm wishing there was space on the contract to enter the shoot participants names and dob, or at least in the 'My portrait' section of the client area they could fill this information out.  I've searched the forums and I'm guessing that's not possible. 

So now I'm faced with having to either get all of that information in the initial phone call and manually enter it, (I'm still not able to include children's names on the contract as it only allows the main contacts details) or send a questionnaire to them.

I just feel this really doubles up on the amount of contact they want from me and complicates things.  They get the proposal and contract, they sign it, I then send them a questionnaire, which they fill out and send back, I then enter this information manually so that I know who is attending that day and can plan around them.  This just seems so cumbersome and requires too much input from the client. 

Am I missing anything?  Is there a way to generate blank or custom fields in the 'my portrait' section?  How do other's structure workflow to streamline this process?

Thanks for any help you can provide, I can't seem to make this flow.



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