RedCart order assigned to wrong shoot on import

So, a little history first.  We do work for a dance studio that has a student who is the younger daughter of a client of ours.  Their older daughter is also a senior portrait client of ours.  So, technically, they are related to two different shoots.  However, the mom's name and email address is only physically listed on the senior portrait session as the client contact.

So, via RedCart, we get an order for dance pictures.  We have the RedCart integration set up so that all new orders are imported into ShootQ.  When this one order is displayed on the Approve/Ignore page, it shows up as an order for dance pictures, but is assigned to the shoot for the senior portrait, and there is no opportunity to select any other shoot (i.e., the dance studio shoot) from this page.  My only options are to Approve or Ignore.  I don't want to Approve, because the dance studio order will be assigned to the senior portrait.  I don't want to Ignore, because it is a large enough order that I don't want to rekey it (and I shouldn't have to... right?)




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