ShootQ Work Arounds, thing we have done to stream line

OK, we have been a member in the past, left, and have come back. We left due to, what we felt were weak points in the system, but came back due to the high level of customer service, quality of lab and, of course, the ability to find work-arounds and implement them to streamline our process.

I am not going to list all the things we have done right now, but will over time continue to add tips and tricks to help you out if you have gotten stuck in the same places we have.

First tip for you is inside of the calendar:

We discovered the inability to schedule appointments, meetings, anything that was not directly connected to a shoot in process. We hated the idea of having to use multiple calendar platforms to be able to schedule everything accordingly. What we did is this, we created a lead in ShootQ, named this lead "Office Calendar Only". WE manually booked the shoot, with a line item of $0.00, scheduled "1 photographer", and booked the event out for May 1, 2020. Now, when we need to book any meeting, appointment, even who is on the main phone line that day, we can open "Office Calendar Only", select the proper employee, create a calendar event for them and not have to worry about cross platform calendars. It's all in shootQ and attached to the employees calendar. Same thing for studio/ office tasks, just use this event for all in house needs for calendar purposes. 

If you have any questions on how to do this feel free to contact us, you can use the forum, email me directly at rdh@kalistaimaging.com or even call me via my direct number. really I do not mind, if I am free I will answer. 

Hope this helps. 

David Higgins

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