usable workflow for med size full time studio

Does anyone actually use shootQ efficiently to manage a med size studio. doing a tot of 200 weddings and sessions a year. I just finished my first year with SQ and it makes a good contact manager. BUT no one wants to sign their contract online, some will do the questionnaire but most need coaching. so we are back to a paper PR kit which includes a  contract and questionnaire. Very disappointing.  

Then there is the real issue, The accounting, I thought I would be able to download all my transactions at the end of the year and import into quickbooks, THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE. I guess the only way for this to work is to export and import every individual transaction every time you have one, which is really ridiculous even if you only a dozen weddings a year. So if I have enough volume to pay for the luxury of having this cool contact manager then it's a huge time consuming hassle to use and if I do a small enough volume to have time to do all the double entry then I really don't have the need for such a complex program.

I've already ruled out the 3rd option, entry by hand, the reports do not have enough or complete enough info to use for transferring the info beside that you can not search them or print them, again REALLY?

unless I am missing something, which I am hoping is the case.  HELP! I would like this to work


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