Workaround for Multiple Signatures on a Contract

So like many of us, I need to collect as many as 3 signatures on any one wedding contract.  The "Client" (who may be mom or dad who is actually doing the booking), The Bride (specifically for her model release) and The Groom (for his model release).

Right now the contract can only take one signature from the client.  I found a work around for this by adding an Model Release Addendum.  One called "Bride's Model Release" and one called "Groom's Model Release".  Each are specifically worded to indicated that the expected signature is from the bride or groom.  The "Client" will automatically receive an email asking that the addendums (addenda?) be signed, but then you can email the groom and the bride separately to their specific addresses asking them to go to the client area and sign the model releases.

Seems to be working for me until we can actually have Multiple signatures on a main contract.


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