Who else would like more info displayed on the Shoot Overview Page? Thoughts?

I know ShootQ seems to like having a minimalist format (less info/page), but I would really like to see more of an overview of a Shoot under "Overview."

For example it would show:

  • Name: 
  • Contact info:
  • Date of shoot
  • Location
  • Contract Signed?
  • Invoices and whether they are paid
  • Name of file(s) attached
  • Upcoming tasks
  • Titles of (recent) Correspondence
  • Notes
  • Photographers involved (if, of course, you have more than one available)
I am guessing this is out of the question for branding purposes, but as a photographer who likes to see things visually (guessing I'm not the only one) this would make my brain and ShootQ integrate a little more :)  One look at a Shoot and I know exactly what is going on.  A step up even would be a customizable overview page, so the photographer can decide what info they'd like on that page, but again, I know that is asking a lot.

Anyone else like to see info in one place instead of hopping around?


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