Custom CSS

Am I the only crazy one that wants the ability to have custom CSS styling in ShootQ, Pictage and Nimbus??  A simple no I don't want a theme custom and then just a text box where I type in everything.  Don't include then the template css file include the css from what I just typed.  Is this crazy?  Monumentally challenging to program?  Any more less secure than the ability for me to type custom HTML code in a new post in Nimbus??

I am just having a hard time wrapping my brain around why this seems to be like asking them to mix oil and water.  Let us have custom CSS please!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so glad Windows came with a command prompt, Mac with terminal, my car with a hood that I can pop open myself and not take it back to the dealer everytime.  This just seems like something so easy to do and so frustrating to not have.


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