ability to view emails in shoot q & an inbox ;o)

It would be soooooooooo awesome if there was an inbox for new emails in shoot q!!! We have to go back and forth through out the day to see if a client got back to us in our regular emial program then go back to shoot q to respond!! if we were dreaming of amazing things for shoot q to do, this would be one!!!


The other is the ability to view the contents of all the emails...often we might send an email quote or info and have to click back on 10 or so emails to find the info.....we find we are doing this daily it seems, is there anyway to expand the view directly below the email or have an expand option for people like us so we can turn it on and see the text below the heading...???????


We are LOVING SHOOTQ and all it has done for our business!!! We are now just looking at more timesaver on our end! Now that we are free, we want it all!! lol!!


Steven & Sherry Ann


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