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Ok, our leads currently download our PDF pricelist & brochures from our website & we'd like to track them a little more accurately. At present, a shootq email template has the url for the pricelist/brochure in it and the downloading php script on our site uses curl to log the request to getclicky. 

What I'd like is for the shootq email template to encode the lead's shoot id so the url looks like this /download/priclist/a94ca746-dc17-11e0-a6ff-aa0000ea0. Using the shootq API, I'd like to lookup the shoot_id and query the event_name, then log it to getclicky as something meaningful like /download/priclist/Jane-Prospect-Portrait.

What's missing for me to do this is:

1. Ability in the API to lookup the event_id and get the event_name; and
2. Have the event_id added to the list of variables in the email template area.

From what I've seen, there's a few photogs here who also have a webdev background, so I'm sure this feature wouldn't go amiss ;-)


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