additional sales after the shoot

Ok I having been using SQ for 6 months now and find it useful for many things, BUT I have found what I think is huge flaw, we all book a session or event then shoot this session and upload my images, the client buys images, BUT then the client wants to AD something an album, parents album, disk,  and they know I have this cool system that they can select service and products and pay online,  EXCEPT.... They cant ad any products or create a new sale or invoice I cant even do it from my end so they can pay online like they did before. So this is funny... I invoice them in quick books send the invoice in email and tell them they have to send a check or call with a CC, a cc I have to maintain a merchant account for because I cant ad an invoice in SQ. I could send them to 1 of 3 old shopping carts I have had or paypal but I have spent all thsi time and effort setting up SQ and educating my clients to use the "client portal" Its crazy! I'm I wrong? Have I missed something? please tell me I am.


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