Payment Collection Setup in Proposal - Need a % of Outstanding Ballance Option

The has been a problem for me from day one, would someone at ShootQ please pass this forward and push for a change?

When setting up a payment plan for my clients, I normally set up 3 payments.  The first (the retainer) is a set amount of $500.  The 2nd payment is 50% of the outstanding Balance due 60 before the wedding date and the last payment is again 50% of the outstanding balance.   There is currently not an option to create a payment due which is 50% of the outstanding balance, so I have to manually figure what that 2nd and last payment should be. So for the 2nd payment, I will use the option to require a specific amount, and for the 3rd payment I use the total outstanding balance option. That way if they choose additional add on items inside the proposal before signing the contract, the additional amount will be added to the 3rd payment, which is not really desirable as I would like the 2nd and 3rd payment to be equal amounts. Are you with me so far?

Having to manually figure the 2nd payment is not an issue when I'm only presenting 1 package for my client to choose from, but when I'm presenting more than 1 package in the proposal, I can no longer use the manual configuration method above because that amount would be different for each package. Furthermore,  I can't use the amount option "Percentage of Total" because the 2nd payment is not 50% of the total package price, it's 50% of the outstanding balance (i.e. total package price minus the $500 retainer payment made at the time booking of).

So I we need an option which will calculate 50% of the outstanding balance, versus 50% of the total package price.  That way,  no matter which package my client chooses, and no matter how many extra add-on options he/she choose before signing the proposal, their 2nd and 3rd payment will be equal. 

Oh, and before someone suggest that I use the split payments up evenly option, I can't use that because the first payment (the $500 retainer/deposit) Is always a set amount, not an equal amount.

Lastly, do you thank this could be fixed by lunch time today? :)  That would be great, thanks!


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