Email opt-out message problem

Just finishing setting up my email templates & noticed in testing that when I manually send an email to a lead, the message "To opt-out of further communications, visit http://app.shootq.com/optout" gets appended to each email. Seeing shootq is inherently a b2c client management app (and not a mailinglist manager), I spent 10 minutes looking for a setting to disable the message before finding this in the KB:

"Emails sent through ShootQ have an option at the bottom to "opt-out" of all email correspondence. This is a legal requirement for applications that send email."  http://help.shootq.com/entries/202037-my-clients-are-not-receiving-emails-that-i-send-to-them-from-shootq-what-s-going-on

Now, I have a number of issues with this approach:

1. I am manually sending an email using the shootq (or when changing the lead status), in response to a business enquiry. I'm not running a mailchimp mail-out.

2. The whole point of personalising the email is now defunct because when the lead sees this message, they're going to know they're at the receiving end of an automated system.

3. The US jurisdiction doesn't apply to Australia, where normal b2c communications are exempt from anti-spam legislation and requirements for opt-out messages don't exist.

The way it is, I'm putting on hold using shootq for email, which is a shame because it really is very, very good, and although email can be integrated from our normal desktop clients, it's 1. Very clunky, 2. the ease of use which shootq offers is restricted, and 3. it's another damn workaround.

Any comments from the developers?


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