Downhill slope

I was very excited about ShootQ when I signed up 2 years ago. The customer service was excellent and they actually responded to my suggestions for improvements. I was not happy with the Pictage merger, but I knew they would have a few growing pains and we were assured the vision had not changed.

I believe the vision HAS changed, and I am not satisfied in the least. My last few support requests did not receive the same timely and informative responses I was used to, and I have even had to post a comment asking for updates on both of them. In addition, I think the focus on Nimbus (which I don't consider to be a necessary effort. Sorry, guys.) and other "updates" to ShootQ have shifted focus away from actually keeping customers happy with legitimate requests for other extremely helpful features like the Android app, discounts on booking and package improvements.

I am sure I am not the only one who has been losing enthusiasm for ShootQ, and I would love to hear everyone's comments on the matter. I would also encourage ShootQ to address these issues here for all to see, but I have doubts of receiving an acceptable response... :(


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