Can't Change Lead Status via iPad

Having a workflow for leads is perhaps one of the biggest strengths of ShootQ.  Now that we have this capability, I don't remember how I ever got by without it.  However it's a little frustrating that I can't change the lead status via my iPad.  Since the iPhone app is pretty much useless (not trying to be nasty, I'm just stating the facts) I have come to depend upon my iPad (and free WiFi somewhere, anywhere)  more so when away form my studio because I don't always want to carry my laptop around.  

About the only thing that I've discovered I can't do on the iPad is change the lead status.  We had a problem before where a potential client using an iPad couldn't input anything in the remarks filed of the contact form.  But you guys were able to fix that (which I applaud you for!, thank you) so do you think you can fix this problem too? It would be greatly appreciated.



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