More Contact Fields Need to be Mandatory to Complete

I have been getting a rash of prospective clients (or pretend to be clients) completing the ShootQ contact form and only providing the "Required" fields on the form.  I sure wish we could determine which fields we want to be a required filed.  If this is not possible, please make the phone number and the ceremony and reception location mandatory.   And while I'm talking about the contact form, please change the wording of "Home Phone" to just Phone.  Many people don't have a "Home Phone" number any more.  Most people just have a cell phone these days.  If you have to have a field labeled "Home Phone" make another filed titled "Cell Phone"  But, I think just "Phone" would be fine.  If they want to be called, they will give you their main phone number if it just ask for "Phone"

Furthermore, I agree with another poster, we need a filed asking them how they want to be contacted.  i.e. phone call or email.


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