How about a little communication!

I love ShootQ! You guys have been great! You even merged with Pictage, which personally made me want to stick my finger down my throat... But then I took a deep breath, and learned that you guys were really trying to make something special. Buying it! Then I got whiff of Nimbus through (I believe) a newsletter. EXCITING idea, and immediately signed up as a Beta tester. I'm still slightly excited about it. Although I get the feeling that it's going to take a LONG time to get Nimbus to an actual "live state" that everyone can use it without issue. This past update is ACTUALLY not that big of a deal. A lot of hype really. Some issues, yes. Like the person I talked to on phone support said " we are going through growing pains." I think we can all relate to this. But my concern is that ShootQ has yet to come public about the update issues, and/or what we can do to solve the problems. My other concern is that we didn't get any notification at all about any update! Or am I wrong? Did ShootQ notify via email? A newsletter? Or was it Twitter? Mind you I don't check twitter very often. All I know is that I woke up, with a client issue and couldn't log on to ShootQ till the afternoon. (it was a case sensitive issue) Then I had a client try for two hours trying to pay via ShootQ to google checkout. NO DICE! The whole situation could have been avoided with a simple email blast to all ShootQ clients letting them know about #1 the update, and #2 once issues became apparent an email letting clients know about the known issues and solutions if any. Simply let us know what's going on! All in all, I DO love ShootQ! And I'm pulling for ShootQ... I hope Nimbus surprises me! Until then I'll be sitting here, hesitant.


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