Back in Feb I was told about nimbus from my rep, he said it would be out in March and included with the pro membership. I had been looking for a new website company so that I could do a html5 site, this was the answer, so I upgraded back to pro which I had used for some time but downgraded because I was not using the space.

Since then I have started to utilize shootq since it was included as well and would be integrated with nimbus, I have spent maybe a total of 150 hours setting up and tweaking shootq and I can see how usefull it can be as a contact manager and booking agent, BUT where is nimbus? 

I have patiently waited now till June hoping i was in the first wave of testers but apparently I am not. I need to know if I should find someone else to do my site or will I be able to use/ setup a nimbus site soon?


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