managing workflows? slow load time and click, click, click to get there = productivity lost.


When we first set up shootq we slightly modified the workflow templates provided, it didn't totally have all of the features that we needed or planned to use - so we planned to perfect later, once we were more comfortable with the program....right.  The workflows didn't makes sense so we ignored them, and didn't manage them.

Recently, I decided that we pay a lot for this program and I am sick of looking at 75 pages of "completed" shoots  & dead leads that appear on our home page as "past due", some are 400 days late :) So, I decided I am going to create workflows to be better for us, more customized per shoot type and with more realistic deadlines.  But first thing, I need to change the status of those past shoots to "complete".  

I start at the top, select "overdue" as the category and my 75 pages populate.

I select the first wedding, loading, loading, loading. ok, I am into the shoot now.  

I select "complete" in the top right corner, loading, loading, loading.

Message pops up, "are you sure you want to mark complete?". click YES. loading, loading, loading. 

ok, next one. click back button, loading, loading, loading.  

select the next shoot, loading, loading, loading.......

Get my drift??!!  I spent almost 2 hours and updated the status on less than 1 page of shoots. My browser crashed and I had to log back in 2 times also, BTW.  So, my question is why?  Who has this kind of time?  This program is not loading high res images, it is just content!!  I would love to get our workflows in order, I would love to put old shoots and dead leads to bed - but there is no efficient way to manage any of it!  Why can't I change the shoot status from the home page without going into each shoot?  

Frustrated and would love any advice you can share!

Best, Amber



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