shootQ issue discusstion ...

Hi everyone, ive been using shootQ now for a month and the more i get into it the more i get the feeling this has not been in operation very long.
There is a very long list of things that need to be fixed.

Just wondering if anyone has input on this. As a newcomer im wondering if i should stick it out and wait or start looking around.

Here is a few things i can think off at the moment:
- Editable Contact forms - so i can have mobile number and home number
- shoot types to be changed - portrait contains baby ect. which i dont use
- adding images to email needs to be done with an add button not a link to a url
- iphone app - needs major work.. enough said..

Does anyone have any issues they would like to bring to light that maybe shootQ people dont know about.

Maybe we can all help get things going and make this a great shootQ that we all love using.

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