Market place items need guides! Are they out there?

Hi all -

I just purchased Sara France's wedding kit.  It seems to be pretty complete.  I basically bought it because I needed inspiration to make my workflow more complete.  Here's the rub though.  Unless I'm overlooking something, there are no "manuals" or guides for these marketplace items.  Not a big deal if you are buying a contract or something, but when you are buying a set of workflows, product workflows, emails, and questionnaires that all work off of each other...  there's a few days work just to "guess" what each part does and how it interacts.  Then, you have figure out how and why it fits into business functions.  

A guide of some sort would be HUGE benefit.  Something that kind of give a brief instruction for what each element of a workflow is trying to accomplish from a business perspective.  Some are obvious, some are not.  I assure you I'll figure all of them out because I've been using ShootQ for a couple of years now, but I'm thinking a newbie's head would just explode after spending $250 on a kit.  

If there IS a guide out there, let me know.


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