Invoicing without a package...

I am a bit confused...I use StudioPlus and would love to get all my invoicing over to ShootQ, but maybe I am wrong...is ShootQ only set up to send contracts, book clients and sell packages??  I typically have more to track after a portrait session is complete...Print credits used/unused, new invoices for print orders, orders by family members attached to the original session.

I really do not like StudioPlus as their support team is not very user friendly, but I am not sure if ShootQ is setup to do everything else that my business requries, which makes me sad....at least in StudioPlus I have everything attached to a client, from additional sales, and sales from family members...I send invoices for print orders after the session (not packages).  And I can have separate sales tax categories to track other areas that I have to pay for my business licenses.

Please help :(


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