New to Shootq, talk to me about package price and profits, shoot time etc.

New to shootq, loving it so far. This is the first centralized system we have used and i have a few questions:

1. How do we setup packages so that our package price matches all the items total in the product list? For example, let's say we have a package for $5000. but the total from the COGS is $600. We have a large discrepancy in package cost, which the answer may lead into the next question: 

2. Should shoot time and retouching time have equal UnitPrice and COGS? We left the COGS sold blank and i think that's where we are messing up. Should it just be a product in the list like everything else?

3. If we send an invoice to the client, how do we change the description and only send them the lump sum price, instead of the product breakdown, which includes things like our retouching time and how we price that?


Thanks in advance. I hope i posted this in the right place.


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