Should engagement session be a new shoot alogether or added to wedding shoot

I read the thread about product workflows for e-sessions that are included in the package, hoping that would help explain it...but I seemed to have gotten lost in the exchange.

What I'm wanting to know is if a couple does add on an engagement session OR if it's included in their wedding package, should I add a shoot from within the wedding shoot already scheduled? or should I create a whole new shoot via the green plus sign on the top of the SHOOTS tab? I tried both ways and seem to have gotten frustrated with parts of each.

For starters, in adding it to the shoot already scheduled, if there is an additional contract OR proposal to send to the couple for the engagement session, how do I add that if the original contract and proposal already takes that spot? And same with shoot workflows... I tried to follow the aforementioned thread, but I didn't see how to attach the shoot workflow to JUST the engagement shoot if it's scheduled under the wedding shoot.

I guess I'd just love to hear what others are doing for this.. and if you could be specific as to HOW you're doing it, that'd be great as I'm new to ShootQ and still getting a hang of some things that aren't as intuitive as they should be.




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