Authorize.net--where to post policies?


I'm setting up my merchant account with Authorize.net, and they want me to place the info from the list below on my website before i can collect money.

Should I include this information in each the contracts I create, or is there another place on ShootQ to post this information?



- - -

1.      Return Policy 

2.      Refund Policy 

3.      Cancellation Policy 

4.      Delivery / Shipping Policy *. Any shipping restrictions the merchant has in place (such as limited countries that merchant will ship to for any reason) or other special conditions in place, all must be clearly stated on your website before the purchase decision is made to prevent misunderstanding and disputes. 

5.      Country of Merchant: Address displayed in #2 must be within the U.S.

6.      Privacy Statements. Clear and concise with disclosures on what information is collected and tracked and with whom it is shared.

7.      "Doing Business As" Name: Clear identifiers that easily match the website to the "doing business as" name.

8.      Credit Card Logos: Display logos of cards merchant accepts for payment.

9.      Price list: all items should have prices listed, with currency (USD) as well as shipping cost if a durable product.

10.     Secure Check out.  In your checkout processes you have functionality that protects customer data.  For example you employ https:// functionality.


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