Lead Status

I am really excited about the new lead status feature, it can be a very useful tools, once set up. I was wondering how others handles the labeling of leads, there are so manny possibilities, I'm not sure if I am being most efficient. Would any one like to share how they have set up  their labeling system? I will share what I have put together, I can't stop wondering tho, if there is abetter way of doing things. This part of the business is all about sales and it wouldn't be complete without some explanation of how I handle my incoming leads. We call each person after receiving a lead( Joy), then set up a phone/inperson apt.with Mary (Me) to discuss weddings, prices, ect.. About 90% of the leads do not answer the phone, so there is a lot of callbacks, follow ups (FLWP) and re-calls. 


Anyone else would like to share how they have set up lead status/tacking? 

Screen shot 2010-11-20 at 10.10.24 AM.png


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