serious problem with booking appointments

We are a major user and supporter of shootq. We love shootq. again I'll say it WE LOVE SHOOTQ. But this latest update has caused us serious problems when booking events. Shootq seams to keep forgetting that some of us have multiple photographers. We have 7 lead wedding photographers, 4 photo booth operators and 3 video crews. Shootq feel free to log in and view just how much wedding work we do. We will probably do $500,000 in just wedding sales this year. And thats just part of our business. I'm only saying only that so you understand what a mess the new upgrade will cost us in blown events because a photographer wasn't booked right. I invested a lot of time and effort into converting our business over to shootq. So far we only use shootq for our wedding business. This winter we planned to start using shootq for our family and senior portrait business as well. But with this recent upgrade it has put us dead in our tracks. Something needs to be changed let me explain...

When booking a job such as a wedding we need to assign a photographer to that job. It CAN'T be an option. It has to be a confirmed photographer every time. That photographer gets an email saying they were booked and all is well. I don't want to worry about the job too much until the wedding day. The OLD shootq when booking a job our sales managers HAD to select a photographer as part of the booking process. Not an option it was step that HAD to be made. No way to mess up there. But now with the new upgrade not only has the the step involving selecting a photographer been eliminated it's not even included as an option in any of the obvious steps in booking the event. It's vaguely listed on the side as a clickable link to edit the photographer section. It's way too easy to miss. We have 3 people here booking events including myself and so far we have all messed up by not adding a photographer. If it wasn't for me double checking every couple days it would have been missed and the wedding day would have came and went without a photographer actually assigned to the job. We do a lot of weddings and I can see things getting messed up bad. Now add to that 50-100 portrait sessions a month across 3 studio photographers and the problem gets really bad.

Double checking is a work around. It's a step I do NOT want to do every couple days. I want shootq to work for me :) The current way shootq books jobs is great for single photographers. It really screws us multi operations. And there is no way I can start incorporating our portrait business into shootq since we use 3 differnt photographers just for that. We would have blown sessions, double bookings and no-show photographers all the time because somebody forgot to click into the photographer sesction. It's just way too easy to miss the step assigning a photographer.

I really hope this can be fixed. I been dying to use shootq for our portraits as well as weddings. The way it is now isn't working. If this would have been the only way it was ever done maybe I wouldn't have noticed that the old way was perfect. 

Please help my studio from screwing up sessions and events. This could get ugly and upset a few brides and ruin my business and then I wouldn't be able to pay my shootq bill anymore :( PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE fix this. You had it right the first time. Make selecting a photographer a MUST CHOOSE OPTION.


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