Product Workflows for Engagement Sessions included in Package

Background:  We sell wedding packages that include bridal and \ or engagement sessions.  We need to use the product workflow tracking on these products that are shown as included in the wedding package, but whose dates are associated with their individual "shoots". We didn't want multiple shoots because we wanted clients to manage and see all status from one client area.

To accomplish this I first created a new product workflow whose first task was to schedule the session.  I personally made this due 2 weeks after they book their wedding.  The next milestone is to Shoot the Session, and so on with due dates dependent on the previous milestone.  Then, once they book I go in and mark the first milestone of Book Session complete and immediately place their worflow on hold.  I turn right around and place it off hold.  This brings up the nice screen to edit all the due dates.  However, all I need to do is for the session milestone change the due date to the date of their session.  ShootQ then asks me if it wants to automatically update the rest of the due dates which I do and BAM!  The engagement session now has it's product workflow tasks with proper due dates from the date of their actual engagement session.

A little odd to wrap your brain around at first, but I am sure you will love it and your clients being able to track the progress of their engagement session and wedding day images all from one client access.


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