Proposal process?

Hi all. I'm a little confused about the proposal process. When I send out an answer to an inquiry, I direct people to choose which package and add-ons would work for them and then tell them I will send them a "custom proposal" as directed by the template e-mails from Shoot Q. Most of the time, the contact sends me an e-mail requesting a meeting if my rates fit within their budget and then if they book, I can create their custom package and take them through the contract process, but sometimes, I do get people who select what they want in a package and I get an e-mail from shoot q that I have a request for a proposal, but when I go into the shoot information for that contact, it looks like all I can do is start taking them through the "booking" process with a contract. This seems a bit presumptuous and I would rather just send them some sort of official "proposal" and then offer to schedule a new business meeting if they want to meet to discuss further. Is there a way to do this?


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