The Parallax View: All Work & No Play Makes My Brain a Dull Place



I've been in paradise. I traveled thousands of miles to play. But that's when my real work happens.


It's not surprising; my right brains kick into high gear when it's in "play mode." 


Brain scans reveal that when you think you’re not thinking, your unconscious mind is doing sprints searching for solutions.


Einstein’s theory of special relativity came as an epiphany after he daydreamed he was riding on a beam of light. 


Greg Swartz, director of innovation at golf giant PING, claims he creates the best tees and loftier drives by stargazing. After immersing himself in golf, he hangs out in his backyard at night and lets his mind settle into what he calls a “hyper state.”


As photographers, we are content creators. And content doesn't create itself; it's born from your brain.


So, give your brain a break. Disconnect from reality and connect your brain to its core creativity. You might have a eureka moment when you least expect it.



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