Anyone able to get reminders on their iPhone for shootQ generated appointments?

The way we have it set up is that we have a google calendar that we use to keep track of all non-shoot related calendar items (family stuff, church, social) that both of our iPhones sync to, then I have both of our iPhones subscribed to our shootQ booked calendar so that sQ appointments show up on our phones as well but on seperate calendars.  The only problem is that the sQ calendar doesn't pop up the 1 hour or 15 minute reminders for appointments like the default calendar does.

Has anyone figured out a way to either:

1.  Have sQ generated appointments automatically added to a google calendar - I already have it set up so that my sQ booked calendar shows of under "other calendars" in gCAL, but those appointments don't get pushed to our phones unless I have the phones subscribe to the sQ booked calendar as well.  I would love to find a way to have sQ appointments automatically added to the default google calendar, then I can just have our phones sync with that.

2.  Have reminders associated with sQ appointments that the iPhone can sync with - is there a way to make the iphone pop up reminders for appointments on subsrcribed calendars?  Or is there a way to get sQ appointments on the iPhone other than using "subscribed calendars"?

Any help would be much appreciated!


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