Monday Morning Ramblings: Change is Good, Change is Bad.

Pictage bought ShootQ. Wow! That’s the best thing that can ever have happened in human history! Oh S&%T! The sky is falling! (That last is an actual quote from a forum post!)

LOL ... We knew going in, and when I say ‘we’ I mean all of us who knew about this at Pictage and all of those who knew about it at ShootQ, that this is exactly what would happen. No surprises.

When I got here a year ago this would have been a surprise. This industry reacts more emotionally to change than most. People seem to get their propellor in the water on any new thing. It’s interesting. For those who are FOR something, it seems like news is as close to the second coming as it could possibly be. (that is of course for people for whom the 2nd coming might be good news). For people who are against something, the immediate reaction, and we see this in a lot of places, is that the most irrational consequence is absolutely the underlying motivation for the change.

I think it’s important for both sides of that continuum to remember that something closer to the middle is what’s much more likely to happen. I checked Revelations, and unless I’m the three headed dragon come to wreak havoc on an unsuspecting world (which ironically both sides may agree with), Pictage acquiring ShootQ does not actually appear to be a sign of the 2nd coming. It’s going to take a while to get these two environments to work well together, and by well, I mean to give photographers the ability to control these environments in the way they see fits them best. And, of course, for those who are concerned that this may be the end of the world, it’s probably important to understand that this is a business transaction and that businesses do things for reasons. For this reason, forcing all ShootQ users to print with Pictage, use Pictage’s email marketing, etc., probably wouldn’t be a good idea, while fortifying ShootQ’s customer care and development resources might actually make something you already love better ... Go figure.

Here’s my prediction ... (really going out on a limb here). Those that are wildly happy are going to be disappointed and those who are wildly angry will be too. Here’s why. This won’t be the panacea that people are looking for and it also won’t be the train wreck people want to see. Things at ShootQ will get a little better. For those who are using both environments - er, because they CHOSE to, things will get a little easier.

We asked the Octopus. He/She said, Ho hum, and went back to sleep. That may be the best reaction of all!





Jim Collins

Chief Executive Officer

Pictage, Inc.


Twitter: pictageJim

Blog: http://lifenotes-justuff.blogspot.com


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