Calendar and appointments

I love that we can send a meeting request and let the client pick a time that works for them.  I do have a few questions:

1.  Is there anyway to not let "all day events" to effect this, especially when the all day event is set to "show as free"?  For example, I have a subscribed calendar that is my personal calendar.  My son is off at camp all week, so I have a all day item that is across the whole week.  Even though it's set to "show as free", the meeting request doesn't allow the client to choose any time slots on those days.

2.  Photographers make a lot of business appoints that are not tied to shoots.  Is it possible to send a meeting request to someone that's not tied to a shoot?  For example, if I wanted to set up a networking meeting with a wedding planner that wasn't associated with any of my shoots.  Can I send her a meeting request and let her choose the time slot?  If so, how... I can't find it.  It would be great to do this in ShootQ.  

3.  In the subscribed calendar settings.  I don't recall seeing "Shared Feed" thing before.  What does that mean?  What exactly does it do when you choose to share a feed that you subscribe to?




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