Releases and Updates (April 27, 2016)

Hello Everyone,

Last week we squashed a couple of bugs.

  • There was an issue with resuming a workflow under Tasks > Workflows On Hold. You can now resume a workflow from this section by clicking the 'gear' icon on the far right side of the workflow.
  • When a main contact's email address was updated, it was not updating in any scheduled correspondence . The old address was being used. We fixed it so that whenever a main contact's email is updated or the main contact is changed to another person, the recipient's email address in any scheduled correspondence from a workflow will also be updated. For emails that are scheduled manually (not part of a workflow), the address will update if the main contact's address is updated. But it will not update if the main contact is changed to another person (the initial main contact will remain the recipient in the scheduled emails). This article explains how to manually change recipients in a scheduled email if necessary or modify other aspects of the email like send date, content, etc.

Happy Q'ing!

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