Releases and Updates (March 21, 2016)

Hi Everyone,

Today we released a change to the email that is sent to clients that have not entered their credit card info when a payment is due and CIM recurring billing is the payment method. The new wording clarifies that the client has not yet entered their card info and therefore the payment is past due. Here is a sample copy of the new email:


Hi Bob,

Geoffrey Dunn Photography was unable to successfully process your payment today for your event (Bob + Suzy Wedding).

Amount Owed:  $100.00

You have not provided your card information yet. In order to clear the charge, please update your billing information at:
Security Code: XYZ111XYZ


For clients that have a credit card already on file and the card declines, they will receive a decline notice email asking them to verify their card information and update it if necessary.

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