Releases and Updates (February 11, 2016)

Hi Everyone,

We've been in bug squashing mode this past week and have fixed the following issues.

  • The configuration of 'Prints' for the Simply Color pricing has been updated to 'Fine Art Prints' (not photographic prints). The image and wholesale cost now correctly reflect this change. If you have Simply Color 'Prints' in your products/services, packages, or pricing pages, please remove them and add the Simply Color 'Fine Art Prints'.
  • There was an issue when selecting a preset payment schedule during the booking process where the schedule did not load or the screen froze. This occurred when the shoot did not have an event date and the preset payment schedule due dates were based on a shoot date. Now when this occurs, a message will pop-up with instructions to add a shoot date.
  • There was an issue with CIM recurring billing where an invoice with multiple payments was sometimes not being marked paid. This has been fixed.
  • While completing a proposal, if a client's PayPal Pro payment declined, the system would display an expired proposal page. It now shows the error response/result along with the payment form.
  • If a payment declined when a client filled out a PayPal Pro payment form, there was a "Resource Not Found" error generated. This issue was resolved and now the page displays a PayPal decline code and the payment form again.
  • We also fixed some nagging bugs under the hood.

Happy Q'ing!


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