PayJunction Merchant Account Changes

On June 23, 2015 we released an update for PayJunction Merchant accounts to further safeguard your clients' transactions.  It is imperative that you immediately update your merchant account settings in order to continue accepting online payments via ShootQ.  Please make these changes prior to June 30, 2015.  We will be disabling the old integration settings on that date.

Required Changes You Need To Make:

Modify Page Width, Update HTTP Request Method, and Add "Store ID" to Merchant Account Credentials


You will need to modify the page width of your form and add your QuickShop Store ID to ensure there is no disruption in your service. This is the information that you will need to get from PayJunction:

  1. Within the PayJunction account, click on More > Hosted Payment:


2. Hover the mouse over the Eye icon and select Shop Setting.

3. Under "OPTIONAL SETTINGS", change the Method from GET to POST and "SAVE CHANGES":

8. Add your Store ID to your PayJunction merchant account credentials in ShootQ (under Settings > Invoices & Payments > Online Payments). After saving your changes, we recommend that you run a test transaction to make sure your PayJunction account is synced to ShootQ. If the test is successful, all current and future invoices that are using PayJunction as a payment method should be processed successfully on their scheduled due dates. No further action should be required on your part.


 Do you like things customized?  If so, PayJunction offers a variety of customizations to their hosted checkout form.  Learn More >>>

Your clients will see the PayJunction form when clicking "Make A Payment" on their invoices that looks similar to the screenshot below.


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