Releases and Updates (June 11, 2015)

Good Afternoon Everyone,

In today's release we proactively updated the merchant account security settings for Braintree to further safeguard your clients' transactions.You are NOT required to do anything to continue accepting payments via Braintree. However, there are optional security settings that you can now configure directly through Braintree. >>> Learn More

We also fixed the following bugs:

  • There was an issue with calendars not blacking out individual online schedules properly. Instead of blacking out only the online schedule to which it was assigned, it was also blacking out other online schedules, too.
  • In a related online scheduling issue, when an appointment was scheduled for a particular user, future appointment requests were blocking that time for all users. We've fixed it so a scheduled appointment only blocks the time for that specifically assigned user.
  • The payment form was not loading in Internet Explorer 9.
  • When clients updated their credit cards for P3 transactions, the system was not charging them, thus leaving payments past due. This has been resolved so that any P3 credit card updates will automatically be charged at the next designated billing time.

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