New Features and Fixes (June 2, 2015)

Hi Everyone,

In today's release, we have removed the option to add Pictage wholesale products as a product/service within ShootQ under Settings > Pricing > Products & Services > Sell A New Product. This will not affect any existing Pictage products that you may currently offer either as a-la carte items or as part of packages. We have made this change because Pictage wholesale products will no longer be available through Pictage beginning June 30, 2015. Their wholesale business is being transitioned over to a new platform called Photo Albums Direct which has a different product pricing structure. We will consider integrating with Photo Albums Direct in the future.

This change will not affect any other Pictage integration features including automatic event scheduling, P3 processing, and synchronization of data between ShootQ and Pictage. These will all still be available.

In the past few weeks we have also released these updates:

- Automatic invoice reminders are now sent at approximately 7am PT instead of the middle of the night.
- Two Bright Lights ( has been added as an integration. This should make it easier to publish and showcase your work. Learn More >>>
- We have been proactively updating the security settings for integrated merchant accounts to further safeguard your clients' transactions. If you currently use one of the following merchant accounts in ShootQ, some of the updates may require action on your part to continue receiving online payments.

  • - No action is required, but you may want to enable two new features which are now available - E-checking and the Ability to Modify your Payment Form. Learn More>>>
  • Stripe - Action is required. You must now add your 'Live Publishable Key' to your Stripe merchant credentials. Learn More>>>
  • Paypal Payments Pro - Action is required. You must create a Paypal Payments Pro 2.0 account (if you don't already have one) and tweak some of your settings. Learn More>>>

- We also added a scrollbar to the payment form when the payment fields extend beyond the client's field of view.

Happy Q'ing!


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